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Our ADULT athletic based training programs are developed to your specific needs and goals.  Your training will focus on using time efficiently, providing accountability, and delivering measurable results.


Our programming design is a monthly based subscription which includes strength training, cardio and nutritional guidance.  We work very closely with holistic doctors, as well as clinical dietitians, which will create synergy between clients,  and the specialist we work with to ensuring optimal success.


There is a fundamental belief that muscles are the fountain of youth, so with that said, we believe in weight training for all of our adult clients regardless of age.


Regardless if your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, maintain, get stronger, trying to get back into shape, or fighting an injury or a health problem.


Training Options:

1-on-1 Training | Online Coaching | In-Person Small Group Training



Our online training has come from years of experience training and having a want and a desire to help as many people as I can.


From sharing my workouts, to helping others prepare for collegiate sports, to helping adults get back into shape, we have a number of programs to help you meet your goals.


We provide online DIY (do it yourself) workouts and programs, as well as online coaching.

This is an affordable way of investing in yourself, for a little over $15 per week to get back into shape, maintain your health or to take your health and wellness to the next level.




Our Colligate Prep Program is designed specifically for those athletes who have committed to play their sport at the next level in college, regardless if it is Division I, Division II or Division III.  


What makes the Prep Program different from our other sports performance training? Not only do we STILL continue the sports performance training that is geared towards the individual athlete; not only will we develop programming that prepares the athlete for competition, but we will also incorporate mental training, focus, and the ability to deal with adversity in sports and in life that instills confidence building.


In our years of training more that 50+ athletes that have been fortunate to play at the next level, we have found out that while YES the physical training is needed and is a big part of success on the field, what most athletes are NOT prepared for is the differences (physical, emotional, mental, coaching, expectations) making the jump from high school and club play to collegiate play, and the stresses that come with this.


Our programming covers: 

 - Developing a work ethic in the gym to match the intensity you will face in a collegiate weight room

 - Teaching olympic movements that will be required as part of your college training

 - Conditioning program based off of college conditioning requirements

 - Mental training: how to deal with failures, how to mentally prepare for in team competition with in the team for starting spots, how to deal with adversity

 - Teaching the value of having higher expectations for yourself then any coach can have for you and the benefits of that

 - Teach you how to watch game film

 - Watch game film to learn how to make weekly adjustments to your game

 - Learn how to manage your schedule for mandatory school, practices, as well as mandatory workouts as you will be required to do in college


This program is for juniors and serious athletes only.  Full buyin and full trust in the process is required from both the athlete as well as the parents in order for this program to be successful for the athlete. 


Injury Prevention | Mental Training | Speed & Agility | Strength & Power | Explosiveness | Quickness

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