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Come Train with Me

Hi my name is Teresa and welcome to my page!  I work hard to stay in top physical shape, not only for my job, but for no other reason than I just love working out and feeling fit.  I have just completed a total year program and over the past 365 days, I committed myself and only took 80 days off. 

For those that love working out and would like to work towards building a physique like mine, give this workout a try - you wont regret it!




This is a FULL YEAR program following what I do in the gym to build my physique.

Follow my detailed workout.  This is exaclty what I do in the gym.  There will be weeks we do 7 days per week, but there are also days where I listed to my body and did maybe 1 or 2 days working out per week.

FREE Teambuildr App for workout tracking

1x Payment for the entire year


This program is non-refundable.

Please pay attention and enter your email address in correctly.

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